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    There are times when everything has to be just perfect, and you choose every little detail even more carefully than usual, because even the smallest differences add greatly to the overall wonder of the moment. SIA “MONTA LIMO RENT” offers limousines and exclusive cars for those special times that you want to keep in your memory forever. So even if you don’t have a postmark collection variety of cars to choose from at home, there’s no problem picking out the best fitting vehicle for the ideal atmosphere of the occasion, whatever it may be.

    Rubeņu ceļš 60, Raubēni,
    Ozolnieku nov., Cenu pag., LV-3002
    Car rental:
    +371 27731333
    +371 29497792

    Email: montalimo@inbox.lv

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    Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

    50 EUR/hour
    500 EUR/day

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    Chrysler M300 Limuzīns

    38 EUR/hour
    380 EUR/day

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    Hummer H2

    35 EUR/hour
    350 EUR/day

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    Mercedes Benz S-class

    20 EUR/hour
    180 EUR/day

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    Mitsubishi Pajero

    20 EUR/hour
    200 EUR/day

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    Vaz 2106

    15 EUR/hour
    150 EUR/day

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  • Auto ekskursijas pa Jelgavu

    Iespēja izbaudīt 45 min. ekskursijas braucienu pašu vadītā 2-vietīgā vai 4-vietīgā kabrioletā, vadoties pēc audiogida norādēm, vai šofera vadītā ekskluzīvā „Rolls Royce” un iegūt informāciju par Jelgavu un tās zīmīgākajiem apskates objektiem.Ekskursijas laikā audiogids sniegs informāciju un vedīs garām vairāk kā 50 dažādiem apskates punktiem.

    Auto izvēle:

    Honda CRX Del SolPašu vadīts kabriolets, līdz 2 personām.
    Viena brauciena cena EUR 23.-
    Crysler PT CruiserPašu vadīts kabriolets, līdz 4 personām.Iespējams izmantot arī šofera pakalpojumus.
    Viena brauciena cena EUR 28.-
    Rolls Royce Silver SpurLimuzīns kuru vada šoferis, līdz 4 pasažieru vietām.
    Viena brauciena cena EUR 48.-

    Pašlaik pieejamās valodas- Latviešu, Angļu, Krievu.Plānojam pieejamo valodu klāstu palielināt.

    Plānotie darba laiki:

    O.T.C.P.S.Sv. 11.00 – 21.00

    Darba laiki var mainīties atkarībā no laika apstākļiem un pieprasījuma. Iespējama iepriekšēja rezervācija pa tel. +371 27731333

  • Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

    Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Mark I with an extended chassis, which provides excellent comfort for its passengers. The upholstery is of the finest quality genuine leather, inlaid with precious wood panels that are truly a work of art. An aristocratic car with abundant features and the kind of comfort that very few other luxury class cars can grant you. Don’t hesitate to call us and make the reservation for your wedding or special event.

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  • Chrysler M300 Limuzīns

    Chrysler M300 four-star limousine. This vehicle is equipped with multi-functional lighting, “night sky”, a sunroof, leather upholstery, a bar and everything else you could possibly need to make your celebration luxurious and unforgettable. Don’t hesitate to call us in order to make the reservation for your wedding or festive event!

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  • Hummer H2

    Exclusive Hummer H2 with individual interior and exterior finish and impressive 24 inch chromed light metal discs. This is possibly the most spectacular car for your wedding or special event. Don’t hesitate to call and make a reservation for the car that will give you the best unforgettable moments and won’t leave any passer-by indifferent!

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  • Mercedes Benz S-class

    Mercedes Benz S-class with a cosy, bright leather cabin and luxury features. Use this chance to acknowledge your status and leave the best impression while experiencing comfort of the highest degree in your wedding or important event.

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  • Mitsubishi Pajero

    Mitsubishi Pajero in an exclusive 7-tone pearlescent colour car with 22 inch chromed discs and individual bright leather upholstery that glimmers in all colours of the rainbow, which is unique and irreplaceable. Don’t hesitate to call us to reserve this car for the utmost luminous wedding or special occasion.

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  • Vaz 2106

    The VAZ 2016 “Super Lux” zhiguli with factory painting “korida”, chromed body lining and a cosy upholstery, the kind of which was available only in the first “Super Lux” cars. One of the most modified and definitely the fastest of the soviet cars of that time, this little lad will help you travel back 38 years in the past to experience the not-so-antique yet nearly forgotten chic, vividness and charm of the Eastern European late seventies. Be original in your choice and don’t hesitate to call us to reserve this car for your special occasion or wedding.

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